Nato Chief Calls For Rise In Defence Spending


Organisations that operate in the defence industry often face major logistical challenges and the stakes can be high. This is why it is vital that personnel have access to the very best technology available to help them perform their roles effectively.

A number of these organisations now rely on specialised defence satellite communications to enable them to achieve their aims.

Indeed, spending on technology like this may be set to rise further. Recently, the head of Nato urged countries that are part of the alliance to increase their levels of defence spending when their economies recover.

Speaking a Carnegie Europe Event, general secretary Anders Fogh Rasmussen suggested that the diplomatic progress seen in Syria regarding chemical weapons decommissioning highlighted the need for strong militaries.

About this, he said: “We live in a world in transition. And transition often leads to turmoil and turbulence. In such times, we need something strong. Stable. And secure. For 28 nations in Europe and North America, that pillar of strength is Nato. We are seeing tragic turmoil and turbulence just beyond NATO’s south eastern border. We have also recently seen renewed efforts by the international community to stop the terrible bloodshed in Syria.”

The expert added: “Nato remains vigilant. We continue to keep the situation in Syria under close review. And we continue to protect the alliance’s southeastern border.”

According to Mr Rasmussen, while the ultimate solution to the Syrian crisis must be political, the recent agreement could not have been reached without a “credible military option”.

Talking about the future, he added: “The world will change. The threats will change. But our values never will. So we must always ensure that we have the military capabilities to protect those values and the political will to do so. We have a strong base on which to build.”

Mr Rasmussen also noted that every crisis that occurs around the world is different. While Nato cannot be the response for all of these emergencies, it is the foundation on which any ally or group of allies can form their response, he suggested.

The general secretary went on to claim that Nato’s political consultations, common standards and procedures, military command and control structures, and its experiences in combat and in peace-keeping on three continents make the alliance unique.

As well as helping to bring “stability and safety to troubled areas of the world”, Nato can help to safeguard domestic security for its member nations, he added. On this subject, he commented: “This clearly demonstrates that Nato remains an essential source of stability in an unpredictable world.”

When country’s budgets are under strain, they can struggle to justify additional spending on defence projects. However, when economic conditions improve, this argument tends to be easier for politicians to win.

Meanwhile, there are now a host of technological solutions available to defence organisations, including maritime satellite communications. By perusing the web, organisations can take a look at the various Milsatcom systems and other products available and take their pick. These solutions can help to make the lives of military personnel that bit easier.

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