Tablet, Computer or Both?

Most people today will not only have a laptop and mobile phone to help them keep in touch with people and get work done on the go, but they will also have a tablet too, something that, on first glance may seem to straddle the space between the two. So, since the majority of people will already have smart phones and quality laptops, is there any real need to add a tablet into the mix too and, if so, will such a device negate the need for an ordinary computer?

Both options will have their pros and cons, and it will be rare for one to completely satisfy the needs of a person. For example, whilst a laptop may well make it far easier for individuals to type when they need to do a significant amount of work, the smaller more compact tablet may well be far easier to carry around and will let users access multiple apps that laptops themselves will not offer.


Laptops will have larger screens, making it far easier to view content, but tablets will still offer sizeable views in a more portable format. The latter will may also be used as a book reader, offering individuals an easy way in which to read multiple books on the go. For those heading away travelling, such features make the tablet invaluable.

Ultimately, both have pros and cons, and it is becoming increasingly obvious that both are very much needed in our modern lives. However, when you don’t have the cash to splash on both, which will be the best choice?

Laptops are still likely to come out on top when individuals are forced to choose, but a new generation of computers are taking the need to choose out of the equation. Transformable laptops allow users to disconnect screen from keyboard and in turn have a device that can be a laptop when one is needed and a tablet when something more compact is in order. Furthermore, by choosing to recycle Dell laptop devices you currently own, you may find that you have a significant chunk of money to put towards the purchase of one of these transformable laptops and that, in turn a brand new laptop and tablet are actually surprisingly affordable.

When you trade in Dell laptop devices, you may get a great deal of money for machines that you yourself believe to be completely worthless. Even laptops that won’t turn on or are painfully slow may be worth a pretty penny when you visit the right online trade in site.

Whether you should choose a laptop, a tablet or a device that can be both will mostly come down to your own needs. Those who travel regularly and do not need a great deal of processing power and do not plan to use the device for a great deal of gaming may well find that buying a tablet offers them something more than adequate for their needs, saving money in the process. On the other hand, those that need a device to satisfy work needs may well need to pay out for a laptop. Of course, for most, a transformable device will be perfect, offering the best of both worlds, and by performing a Dell laptop trade in, you may also be a good deal of the way to affording such a device.

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