Top Trending Website Design You Should Try In 2018

In today’s digital epoch, web design is redefining the dimensions of the World Wide Web. We spend around three to five seconds on the website to judge whether we should stay on it or not. This, in turn, is significant in turning a visitor into your customer. This is what in the recent times’ businesses have been contracting designers to curate the best design for your website. The year 2017 saw big advancements in mobile browsing becoming a crucial part of the digital world. Here, in this post, we will highlight some of the top trends those are sweeping the internet, so scroll down to jolt them:

  1. Drop Shadow & Depth

Shadows are the new buzzword nowadays; it is the staple of internet web designing trends for the recent years. Thanks to the evolution of the internet, drop shadow & depth are still fascinating the tech users. With both parallax and grids layouts, web designers Essex are playing with the shadows to add more depth and illusion to the website page. This trend is completely opposite to the flat webpage which was quite popular for some years, but now shadow gives effect not only aesthetics wise, also improve the user experiences.

  1. Vibrant & Saturated Colours

Our lives in the 21st century have become more vibrant than ever, therefore when it comes to websites, visitors have a liking for the vibrant and saturated colour scheme, especially for e-commerce portals. Web designers Essex become far more courageous, with more and more unique colour schemes. Clashing colours and vibrancy are hot trendy for attracting internet users.

  1. Particle Background

This web designing trend is a great solution to those websites struggling with performance issues; this is an instant solution, with the video plays in the background while the website is loading. However, one thing to note in here is that the animations here are lightweight, so it won’t have any negative impact on the speed of the website. The motive of the particle background is to keep the crowd engaged, while the website is loading. There is a popular quote going around that a picture speaks a thousand words, and the moving video image is worthwhile to tell your customers about your business. Moving graphics are also popular on social media channels and eye-popping choice when it comes to the landing page.  So, on the whole, you can become a strong brand, with a strong graphics.

  1. Mobile First

In 2018, with a smartphone in just about every pocket, mobile first should be your approach when laying down the design of your website. It is of uttermost importance, your website is easy to browse through the mobile phones, and otherwise, you will probably end up losing out on quality traffic.

At the end of it all, from the above, you probably come across the red-hot website designs of 2018. Before, you implement any of these; it is no brainer to research well when hiring a web designing company.

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