Is it Time for You to Move into IT Project Management?


If you have been working in the IT industry for a few years and fancy a change, moving into project management could be right for you. If you take a look at the project management section on CW Jobs you will soon realise that there are plenty of good roles available in this area of the IT industry.

Most of these jobs are very well paid. They are also more stable than many other kinds of IT job. The majority are offered on permanent contracts, which means that they come with a good package of benefits. However, you will still have to be prepared to move around, but given that the role requires the project to be seen through from beginning to end most contracts last for several years. In the IT industry contracts that last a few months or just a year are more typical.

How to Break into IT Project Management

Without a doubt if you want to be a project manager you will need to stand out from the crowd. It is important to keep your qualifications up to date, and to have worked on a range of projects before applying. Experience is very important to prospective employers. If you get the chance to take a leading or low level management role on a project you are working on as a contractor grasp that opportunity. This kind of experience will make you stand out from other candidates who have the same kind of technical skills as you when applying for project management roles.

Finding Your First Project Mangement Role

When looking for your first project management role concentrate on looking for roles in the sector you normally work in. This will significantly improve your chances of securing your first project management role. Be prepared to go through a long interview and recruitment process. Firms often choose several candidates at the interview stage and put them through a few days of panels and tests before making their final choice. You need to be able to take the pressure of this kind of recruitment process to secure a project management job.

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