The Benefits And Convenience Of Self Destructing Messages

There are many benefits and conveniences to having your messages self-destruct after a certain period of time. This is because it prevents you from storing old messages, sending them out again, or making a mistake that could cause embarrassment.

You can send your private note message to different people or groups in the span of a day if you choose, and then simply delete it when you no longer need it. The only downside is that there is no back-up copy function and some people may be forgetful about what they have been sent at one point or another, which interrupts the process.

How It Works

When you send an email or text that is “auto-deleted” after a certain point, it automatically deletes itself from the recipient’s computer. This feature can be added to any mail program, so is easy to set up with just a few simple actions. Setting up this feature takes just a few moments and you have your data back before you know it.


Here are some of the advantages of sending messages that auto-delete:

1) Slows down your time when sending mass messages because they are deleted after a specified period of time.

2) Saves you time by not having to delete old messages before sending new ones

3) Helps prevent you from sending out embarrassing messages to the wrong person

4) Protects against data loss in the event of a system crash

5) Allows you to delete your old messages without losing them forever. Just send them and then wait for the time limit.

6) Prevents you from accidentally sending an old message instead of a new one by mistake. That way, those embarrassing typos won’t be seen by anyone but yourself!

7) Repels spammers because they know that any message sent is only “live” for a certain amount of time.

8) Protects your privacy by preventing you from saving any messages that are too personal

9) Allows you to delete any messages whenever you want to for any reason whatsoever

10) Helps prevent embarrassing typos from being sent out again

11) Protects you from accidentally sending an old message to a person instead of a new one by mistake.

The Disadvantage

The only disadvantage to this is that the deleted file is not stored in a back-up, so if you accidentally delete it a second time, there will still be no way to get it back. Be careful.

The Procedure

To have your messages self-destruct, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. A) Create an auto-delete folder in your email program. You can do so by navigating to “create” and then “folder.”
  2. B) Type in the name of this folder whatever you would like and then click “enter.

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