Top 5 Myths About New Domain Names That You Still Believe

When it comes to buying new domain names, it’s easier than it’s ever been, however, there are many myths out there that can lead you astray. Let take a look at the top 5 myths about new domain names so that you can be prepared when buying your next domain.

Myth 1 – Consumers Don’t Trust The Newer gTDLs

This one may sound like common sense, but it’s not. While studies have shown that people have an aversion to the newer gTDLs such as .tech, .co, and .ly, those same studies have shown that this isn’t because of the gTDL, but rather security issues with the site itself, a problem that many newer sites tend to have. Don’t be afraid to use a gTDL, just make sure your site is secure and that your visitors know it.

Myth 2 – Registering a New Domain Name is Expensive

This is a myth that mainly applies to people who are new to purchasing domain names. Maybe they’ve heard rumors, or looked up a domain name they wanted only to find that it’s taken and up for grabs at some crazy four or five figure price tag. The truth is that most domains are dirt cheap to purchase with some costing as little as $0.99 per month. Searching recently expired domains can also be a great way to find a bargain as well. If you’ve held off on buying a domain name because of the price, take another look, you’ll be sure to find something at a price you can afford.

Myth 3 – You Only Need a Domain if You Have a Website

New domain names don’t have to be used exclusively for websites, there are lots of things you can do with them. For example, you can get a new domain name for the sole purpose of creating a business email, or for redirecting to one of your social media pages. You can also purchase a domain name if you feel that it will go up in value at some point. Picking up recently expired domains can be great for this purpose.

Myth 4 – Registering Old Domains is Better for SEO

One of the biggest myths about new domain names is that older domains are better for SEO. This is a myth that’s been around forever, but it was debunked by Google back in 2009. Two Google employees stated that the age of a domain has no impact on search engine ranking basically saying it’s a pointless factor. This means that you should have no concerns about purchasing a cheaper new domain, over a more expensive “aged” domain.

Myth 5 – gTDLs Rank Lower in Search Engines

The final myth is that the newer gTDLs don’t get ranked as highly in search engines as domains like .com or .org. This was also debunked by Google who stated that their search engine doesn’t give and advantage or disadvantage to new gTDLs, they treat them the same as the other gTDLs. Basically if SEO was a concern of yours when considering which domain to purchase, don’t worry about, to search engines they’re all the same.

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