Get Rid Of Old Computer- Recycle It!

A lot of used, old computers get thrown out every year. They occupy a significant space in the dumping grounds even when there are so many useful materials in the computer. So, instead of throwing it away, it’d be a wiser option to recycle your old computer.

Scrapped computer materials, which are also collectively called as “e-waste” consists of the CRT monitors, motherboards, hard disks etc. These items are dangerous wastes containing toxic elements and therefore shouldn’t be disposed off with your household waste .
There are 3 major options to dispose your old computer for recycling :

– Disposal by returning to manufacturer

A lot of electronics manufacturers integrate e-waste management into their policies. The e-waste is taken to a recycling facility and elements such as aluminium and steel are then re-cycled to be used in the manufacturing of new products, ranging from from automobile parts to toys. This disposal will help to decrease the e-waste which occupy space in junkyards while providing raw materials to manufacture new products and make recycling easy for an individual.

– Professional waste disposal facility

This scheme is quite similar to the above mentioned manufacturer return scheme, but the acquisition and disposal of the e-waste here might incur a cost. Before choosing a professional waste disposal facility, you should confirm if the company is approved by Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE) and other relevant community and holds a Waste Disposal License.

– Donating to a non-profit organization

There are a lot of nonprofit organizations which collect e-wastes including printers and monitors to be either reused or recycled. The beneficiary customers either pay nothing for the products or purchase them at a heavily discounted price.

If you wish to submit your old computer to charity, you must ensure that:

1. The organization has a policy which checks unauthorized access, unintentional or intentional loss of personal data.

2. The organization has a proper plan for e-waste management when the computer becomes outdated.

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