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Have you heard about VoIP? VoIP Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that helps you make voice calls using computer networks like Internet. Using Internet protocol, VoIP converts analog signals to digital packets and make sure two way transmissions of conversations is possible.
Nowadays a lot many companies offer VoIP services. With the helps of such a VoIP service provider and a computer audio system, voice calls can be made easily. Some service provider’s support normal telephones and some advanced adapters to connect to the computer network.

The number of benefit that you may get by using this service is plenty. One of the main advantage is the greatest cost saving. With this service long distance telephone calls can be made at a cheapest rate or at no cost. If you have a computer with headphone and speakers and a stable high speed Internet connection, it is possible for you to make VoIP calls for free. When you use VoIP to make international calls, the only bill that you have to pay will be the monthly bill to your ISP provider. Through a telephone, only two persons can talk at a time. But in VoIP, it is not the case. You can add any number of persons to the set up and can make the conversations real time. This is possible because during transmission, data packets are compressed by VoIP which makes it possible to handle more data by the carrier.

As mentioned earlier, when you use VoIP, there is no need to have complex hardware and software devices. In additional to your computer and Internet connection, you just need a sound card, a microphone and a speaker to make calls using this service. Nowadays a lot many software packages that provide VoIP services are available in the Internet. Some of most popular ones among them include Skype, Net2Phone etc. Still, there are some disadvantages too. The chance for the calls to get dropped and to have less voice clarity is really high when you use this service.

Before going for a VoIP service provider, there are a lot many things that you need to consider. First and foremost check whether your Internet connection is good for VoIP. Only with a stable Internet connection, it is possible to make calls without any interruption. In most cases, when you feel any issues like low sound clarity, dropped calls etc in your call, it will be because of your Internet connection. But people mistook it as the issue with the VoIP service provider. So it is always recommended to do a VoIP speed tests and quality tests to see whether you have enough speed for the connection. Next thing that you need to do is research about different service providers and check which one is the best. Every VoIP services offers a lot many features and a good research is necessary to know which service is the best for you or which service has the best features that you desire to have. Services like VoIP Cloud Phone services offers with almost all the best features. It is also recommended to consider the policies of the service provider before choosing one. The money back guarantee, equipment return policies, contract policies everything has to be thoroughly understood. Visiting the link will give you more details on VoIP service.

So why you need to waste time? Get the VoIP service today itself and make unlimited free calls to your dear ones wherever they be. You can even enjoy a lot many advanced phone features that will make you love VoIP service.

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