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Psychometric aptitude test assesses a person’s knowledge, skills, personality traits, numerical and verbal abilities and others. More and more companies are using this test to determine the suitability of potential employees for various jobs. The process has been simplified for the companies with the advent of the online platforms offering all kinds of psychometric aptitude tests for different kinds of jobs.

People of various professions can take the online Psychometric aptitude test in Chennai offered by many platforms. These are some of the many tests that are available in Chennai.

Test for lawyers

The psychometric aptitude tests for lawyers are designed to identify and analyse all the important skills that lawyers must possess in order to be successful. Law firms can use this test to select the best candidates from a plethora of candidates. This test is suitable for both trainee lawyers and senior corporate lawyers.

Test for MBA graduates

Companies looking for suitable MBA graduates for various jobs such as marketing executives, management consultants and accounting professionals can use this psychometric aptitude test toscreen the candidates according to the essential competencies required for the job and pick the suitable person. Companies involved in banking and finance, insurance, retail, FMCG, etc. usually require this test for recruitments.

Test for healthcare industry

Hospitals and other companies of the healthcare industry can use this psychometric aptitude test for hiring doctors, nursing staff and other posts. The test is designed to assess different skills and competencies in different kinds of people. For example, doctors are expected to possess decision making abilities apart from knowledge and the test is designed accordingly.

Separate psychometric aptitude tests are also available for both trainee nurses and senior nursing staff.

Test for police

Police force can also use online Psychometric aptitude test in chennai designed for police recruitments to pick the best candidates for policing jobs. The test determines the presence of required skills and mindset for efficiently discharging police functions.

Apart from companies, psychometric aptitude tests can also be taken by individuals to assess their various capabilities. Some are as follows:

Career orientation

This psychometric aptitude test is for youngsters who are just beginning their careers. This test analyses their personalities and skills through carefully prepared questions which helps them in determining the best jobs suited for them. Many agencies offer valuable advice regarding suitable jobs according to the test reports.

Personality test for interviews

This aptitude test determines various aspects of the person’s personality such as social and emotional qualities, work competences, personality traits, weaknesses and strengths, etc. The test report helps the person in preparing for questions that may be asked in the interview and improving confidence.

Emotional quotient test

Emotional quotient test assesses a person’s ability to manage and understand emotions. This is also known as EQ or emotional quotient. Suggestions are also included in the test report about the ways to improve EQ. Detailed understanding of one’s emotional state and improving it helps in achieving success regardless of the profession.

Cognitive test

An individual can take this test to assess his/her numerical as well as verbal and non-verbal reasoning abilities.



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