Choosing A Wireless Driveway Alarm

A wireless driveway alarm system can do a lot for the safety of your home and automobiles. As a home owner, you might be constantly worried about the safety and security of your family and your belongings, but with a wireless driveway alarm system installed, you can say goodbye to all such fears.

Ask yourself; what’s the first point of target for thieves and robbers. The answer is simple, your automobile and access to your home through your garage. For these reasons, installing a driveway alarm becomes absolutely indispensible.

There are numerous wireless driveway alarm systems available in the market from different manufacturers. Choosing a particular driveway alarm system from so many available options can prove to be a difficult and complicated decision. Through this article we will help you to choose the best wireless driveway alarm system for your home.

  • Upscale your budget:

Your home’s security is much more valuable than anything else you might be planning to spend on. For this reason you must never think about buying cheap security systems. If you Google such products then you will find that wireless driveway systems can be bought from online retailers for as low as 30 dollars. But please understand that quality never comes cheap. Such cheap security systems are made in china and come with no warranty. If you want a robust driveway alarm then be prepared to spend at least 150 dollars and always buy only made in America.

  • Think about the reasons for buying a driveway alarm:

Some driveway alarms are designed to detect only heavy automobiles such as cars and trucks. While some are designed to detect any intruding object including bikes, animals and people. Sit down and think about it. What is your preference and what are the security demands of your home. Some people prefer driveway alarms that detect only moving heavy vehicles. The reason is obvious; if you live in a peaceful neighborhood with a very low crime rate then such a system is good enough. But on the other hand if you live in an area where crime rate is exceptionally high then you should consider purchasing an alarm that can detect anything entering the perimeter of your home.

  • Determine the range:

Wireless driveway alarms work on radio signals. Cheap security systems don’t send strong enough radio signals and hence they tend to fade out as the distance between the transmitter and the receiver increases. For this reason you should carefully calculate this distance and buy the driveway alarm accordingly.

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