Could Snowden Leaks Have Been Prevented?

Ensuring that an individual or organisation has enough bandwidth to carry out their tasks at work is an issue facing many modern businesses. The problem even extends to official government agencies. Indeed, a recent report from Reuters gives details about the base where famous US whistle blower Edward Snowden used to work. Plans to install an ‘anti-leak’ software system were delayed when officials at the facility believed that they did not have enough bandwidth to ensure that the installation would be successful. This is quite ironic seeing as one of the biggest revelations from the Snowden case so far has been the fact that the US intelligence agencies intercept 1.7 billion internet communications a day. It goes without saying that this would require a tremendous amount of bandwidth.

The NSA’s Remote Operations Centre in Hawaii is where Snowden worked and gathered most of his information. It is believed that he amassed a treasure trove of files within a few weeks of starting work at the facility. Whilst he managed to escape the USA and is currently granted a temporary asylum in Russia, the secrets that he discovered have shocked the world. However, the leaks may not have happened at all had a report by one of his bosses been taken seriously. In 2009 his boss at the CIA wrote a negative report on the man which identified a change in Snowden’s demeanour and an eagerness to gain access to files which didn’t concern his work interests. Who knows what would have happened if that report didn’t fall through the cracks?

Besides from the intelligence agencies, there are many other types of organisations that require access to large amounts of bandwidth. Any company that has to process a lot of information over the internet does not want to be slowed down by insufficient speed times. There are also many organisations which require a significant amount of WAN acceleration in order to conduct voice communications. Fortunately there are satellite WAN optimisation devices which can solve such problems. VOIP optimisation techniques have come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, meaning that the right types of technologies are now available to deal with important tasks.

If one thing has emerged from the Edward Snowden affair, it is the fact that it is imperative to invest in the best technology possible in order for an organisation to run smoothly and minimise the risk of mistakes. Privacy is a valuable commodity in today’s world where it seems that everyone is trying to hack into other people’s conversations. Expert professional help is available for anyone who would like to invest further in their communication technologies but are unsure of where to start. Whilst there is no point in ringing up the CIA, it is relatively simple to find trustworthy suppliers online.

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