Top 5 Features Of Latest Android Spy Applications

The Android operating system is said to run on one of the wide open source systems in the world therefore spying on it requires a lot of skill and a specific set of tools. However, over the years different spy applications have upgraded their services and have now come up with generic monitoring software programs that are compatible with latest android operating system.

Now, you can easily keep an eye on your spouses, partners, employees and even children with monitoring applications that are compatible with Android phones and tablets. Here are 5 of the best features that you will find in monitoring software built for.

GPS Locator

Any good spying application for android will include a strong GPS locator. Unlike the regular trackers, this one will come with additional features that are specifically set for different people in your lives. For example, with children you will be able to determine a secure zone area which if breached will automatically notify you. Similarly, with a spouse, you can set the spying application to send you notifications every few hours about the whereabouts.

SMS and IM Services Tracker

Unlike the regular spy application feature of tracking SMS logs and keeping backups, the latest version of this tool allows you to even track different IMs like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Research has shown that people have been increasingly using these IM services more than the regular SMS feature of a smart phone. By tracking these social communication avenues, you can be sure to keep a better eye on your loved ones as everyone is connected via social media today. However, the classical feature of tracking SMS and calls remains in all spying applications.

Internet Activities Log

The latest and updated spy software for android has better features when it comes to keeping track of internet activities. Unlike the regular ones where history was saved on an online cloud, the attest one allows you to set specific timers for specific sites. For example, parents can now limit their children’s gaming time online. Similarly employers have the option of limiting access to various social media sites in specific hours. Moreover, these applications can now also block various sites from uploading or downloading any content over a predetermined limit. Once they cross this limit, you will automatically be notified.

Accessible Remotely and Flexible

Spy application like TheOneSpy is incomplete if you cannot control it and make alterations to it remotely. This feature is possible in the latest spying applications where the owner of the software can remotely control the application and even view other general applications on the phone. Similarly, there is also an option of making some changes on the phone via access into the control panel. Moreover, there is also an option of remotely updating the spy software along with starting, stopping and deactivating it whenever you feel like it. By being to access the spy software remotely, you don’t have to worry about getting caught with your loved ones phone or any other gadget in hand.

Calendar Activities Tracked

With technology so integrated today, the best way to track a person’s whereabouts is by keeping track of their calendar activities. By doing so you will not only have a list of upcoming places your loved ones will be, but you will have access to complete address books and prospective meetings along with absolute ones. This means you will not have to worry about tracking your loved ones physically or badgering them about their whereabouts. The latest android spying applications have the capacity to integrate your loved one’s calendar activities with yours. This means you can now cross check your meeting times with theirs and even add a few common meetings as well.

The Android users would initially complain about not having access to a lot of the features and applications that were offered openly and freely to rooted android users or Blackberry users. However, with recent changing times, every android user can now access a number of applications. However, when it comes to spying applications, the best ones usually charge a mediocre fee but since these are usually a onetime investment and latest software programs are easily compatible with all upcoming and some previous generation android based devices, hence your one time purchase can be easily used for a long time without having to pay numerous times. 

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