5 Smart Buyer Tips For Second Hand Samsung Smart Phones

The market of second-hand smartphones is flourishing ever seen these feature-rich cell phones made a foray in your day-to-day life. Probably, there are many, those who are still not enthusiastic with the concept of getting a pricey phone on EMIs’. But, their wish to stay in pace with this modern age leveraged them to consider “second use.”  Are you also on the same page? Looking to buy a second hand Samsung Galaxy S7, then check out the below things to consider in order give after purchase regret a miss:

  1. Visual examination

Once you decided to buy a second hand Samsung Galaxy S7, head directly to a tech showroom in your vicinity, or stumble upon some of the top sites selling used Smartphones. Second-hand products need a set of through check-ups before you pick one. Or, scrutinise real photographs provided along with product listing on the second-hand site. Take a look at the Smartphone from every angle. This may sound obvious; most of still overlook this aspect- the sayings of the salesperson. Inspect that Smartphone closely to detect for bruised edges, tempered body, cracks, and scratches. Check the edges thoroughly, to know, if that Samsung Galaxy S7 has undergone multiple drops. Next, moving on to screen of that pricey gadget, check for cracks and scratches.

  1. Make sure it’s not stolen

Before you make the payment for the cell phone online, or exchange money hand in person, make its not stolen. How? Papers including the bill and guarantee card of that Smartphone. In case, if you are considering a second hand iPhone, you can check the status of any phone via Apple’s Activation Lock status tool and make it’s stolen. For this, you need the serial number of the device, but this shouldn’t be a big deal- if the seller is legitimate.   

  1. Original battery is a must

Used smartphone are often plagued with shoddy batteries, which can hamper the functionality of the device. So you should go for Samsung Galaxy S7 with original battery, or make the seller pay “price cut” for the guanine battery.

  1. Don’t judge phoned by its cover

People usually cover their smartphone for sale with the perception that their case covers will tell buyers the overall condition of their cell phone. Judging the overall quality of a second-hand phone just by looking at how glassy its chassis is never a wiser buyer’s hack. Instead accesses the physical condition of that smartphone, from screen to edges cracks are bad for your smartphone. As a smart buyer, therefore, always equip yourself with the mindset that the owners could always replace the original body with third-party chassis, so be aware of that.  

  1. Deals

Compare and buy, don’t buy straightaway make payment for the first product listing you come across.

In the end of it all,

If you are shopping for used smartphones online, do through backgrounds check of these websites. Read reviews online, or ask your friends or relatives for recommendations on best-used smartphone buying and selling platforms.  

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