How To Set Up App Lock For Android?

Mobile phones are personal possession of the mankind today. As these phones provide a facility to store personal videos, photos and much confidential information along with private chats, we would not like our phone being accessed by others. You may feel unsecured when you are away from the mobile phones because you store most of your personal data on smart phones that are available today. These smartphones are portable and easy to use. It is important that you make sure that you have right security on your phone to interrupt your phone from being accessed by others without your permission.

It is impossible to have an eye on your phone throughout the day. There are chances that you may forget the phone at the work station or at home in the busy schedule. You should have security on your phone to prevent unauthorized accesses. You can lock all your personal apps on the smart phone with app lock.  This is an utility tool developed for android phones to help you lock applications and prevent anyone from accessing your apps without password.

This tool will provide an extra security to your phone. Now, I will let you know how to install this security tool on your smartphone.  You should just open your app drawer and tap on Google play store on the home screen of the smartphone.

In the search box, search for app lock, and the tool will be displayed on the top of the list most of times and you should tap on it. The next step is to just tap on install and download the app on your mobile. Once the app is installed on your smart phone, you should tap open or you can go to app drawer and tap on app protector icon there. Either of the actions on your smartphone will ask you to create a new password.

You can enter your desired password but, it should carry 4-16 digit combination, and move to next step by pressing continue. You will be asked to verify the password by reentering it. Once you are done with this, you have to configure your security options which include entering a security question for password retrieval if you forget it, and you also should enter  security answer, password hint that is provided  to you in case you forget security question.

Then you should create a unlock pattern by connecting at least four dots. It is strongly recommended option to provide high security to your gadgets but, you have option to skip this as well. Once click the continue button that appear there, app protector will restart and ask you type the password that you have given while installing.

Now you can lock all the apps that you wanted to secure on your smart phone, you should tap the toggle switch on the right side of the screen next to application that you wish to lock. You will observe that toggle switch will change to closed pad lock icon once the app is locked.

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