Making Cheap International Calls Through Your Smartphone – The Necessary Apps

With smartphones, life has become easier. Previously, staying connected with your estranged family members was tough but with the invention of smartphones and tablets, you just need to download and install some apps in order to keep in touch with your family and friends who are staying abroad. There are multiple apps for making inexpensive international calls through your Windows Phone, Android phone or your iPhone. International calling was something that we couldn’t think of, but now as we all have smartphones with us, it’s all about downloading and installing the below mentioned apps. The apps work either with a data plan or through wi-fi. Check out the different mobile apps for your smartphone.

1. Rebtel: Rebtel is a company that has invented apps for making some cheap international calls from any type of device, that includes Android, Android tablets, smartphones, Windows phones, iPad and iPhone. Calls between all the consumers who are using Rebtel are free and international calling is cheap and easy with the low rates and local numbers of Rebtel.

2. Google Voice: This is one of the best mobile app that can help you make international calling rates, you get options for personalizing voicemail messages for the callers, voicemail with transcription and it will also help you forward calls to different phones. But the only bad thing is that Google Voice is largely restrained to users in the US and so this might not be the best option for everyone.

3. Skype: This is one of the most popular most widely used VoIP options for the smartphones and tablets. Skype offers free calling for both the users who have Skype and the rates for making international calls are pretty low. You also get video chat option but the main pitfall of this particular VoIP option is its audio quality as this can really be unpredictable. The Windows phone users, iOS users and the Android users are able to use Skype.

4. Fring: Fring actually is an original app that received a jumpstart on Skype as it offers features that are similar to all. The video-chat, messaging and the VoIP calling options that are offered by Skype. The only downside is that Fring generally offers buggy performance and this is only an app for the Android and iOS phones.

5. Viber: This is another app that allows cheap international calls using Wifi or the internet connection. These apps have the capacity to scan your contacts and notes all those contacts that are also using Viber on their phones. The downside of Viber is that the call quality might drop at times. The Viber apps are available for Android, Windows Phone, iPhones and Blackberry users.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of installing those apps that can help you make cheap international calls, you can install any of the above mentioned apps. Download them free of cost from Google Play.

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