Boost Your Customers With Self-Ordering Kiosks

The increase in the number of restaurants, sophisticated designs, and modern methods of cooking, which have lessened the preparation time all made it quite difficult for restaurant owners to maintain a competitive edge. Embracing new technology like the self-ordering kiosks gives them a definite advantage. From recording customer habits to up selling and making profits, these kiosks offer great many benefits to restaurant owners.

Why self-ordering is preferred

Restaurants with extensive menus find it difficult to convey via phone. But when the ordering is done through the internet, customers can see exactly what they want from the toppings added to the dessert items.

With self-ordering, check size is increased and counter staff are freed to give more attention to the dining customers. The most advantageous aspect is it completely eliminates money handling from the service. The credit or debit card transactions are easily finished and they also make the method of future order placements quicker and easier.

Features of Kiosks

With a full-fledged self-ordering kiosk, you can give customers more control over what they order, increase speed of service, enhance accuracy, and bring down the labor costs to a great extent. A seamless experience is guaranteed for customers and improves feedback, and increases both the existing customers and prospective ones too. A self-ordering kiosk has several efficient features which include:

  • Graphics are branded and customizable, making it easy to use them
  • Payment methods are completely secure and the credit card swipe is fully encrypted
  • The prices and menus are totally integrated with the database present online for ordering, thus eliminating the need to maintain a separate menu
  • The idle time between order placement and confirmation can be used to advertise the programs, menu, and other special offers provided by the restaurant
  • Different stand choices for better security are available for both table top and counter

What it means for your business

When you integrate a self-ordering kiosk in your restaurant in the right manner, you get to enjoy the following benefits.

Higher profits

The profits can increase by more than 30%. Further upselling is facilitated and can be done consistently to increase the profit by a long way.

Do away with long queues

The limited staff present for taking orders can increase the queues interminably particularly during peak time. Dissatisfied customers can cause a big setback to your business. The self-serving kiosks allow customers to order and also pay without having to wait at the counter for long periods of time.

Cut down the staff and cost of labor

When customers can place their own order, the staff taking the orders is freed and can be deployed for more productive work elsewhere. The labor costs will also be reduced. Since the customers themselves make the food choices, the chances of error are very few resulting in an efficient system.

Customer Satisfaction and Enhanced Output

Regardless of the age of customers, the self-ordering kiosks form a highly convenient option and improve the image of the restaurant. Greater customer satisfaction is ensured as the orders are processed quickly and very little time is wasted in the process.

Restaurant owners too find it easy to update the menus, provide accurate information, promote their business, and harvest profits in the process.

Author Box:

Colin Ford helps you recognize the benefits offered by present day technologies and the attached innovations. Self ordering kiosk is one such example and you can click here to draw more ideas about its use and implementation to your business.

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