Things To Consider For Embedded Systems For Defense Applications

There is need for technology advances in embedded systems for defense applications. This will result to even more powerful applications for different uses. The end customer need value for their money thus need for a system with more computing power and communication ability. Therefore, new multicore processors and advanced field-programmable gate arrays should be considered.

Silicon processors that can be integrated with hardcore general processors should be considered to create a symmetric multitasking application on a board in a navigation system, control console, weapons or sensor system.

The processors should have configurations that are reprogrammed based on the next mission. Integrated graphics should be incorporated to enable video processing; this will ensure that there are no additional embedded cards such as XMC graphics display or 3U VPX display module.

There have to be an open source and commercial operation systems in the embedded system. This will make the system pervasive in most operational environments. This will lead to some robotics applications for use in unmanned ground vehicle for tasks such as perimeter patrols. The embedded system should have a conservative nature to make it a safety critical system to help protect human lives. Therefore, the system will be useful for defense applications such guidance systems, avionics, control stations for satellites and unmanned vehicles.

Another thing to consider is evaluating the system against safety standards. One such standard is the DO-178B for most avionics systems. The embedded system has to comply with the set information assurance standards. The system has to support and implement information assurance; therefore, security of the system should be considered.

Of much importance, consider upgrading the existing embedded systems with retrofitted capabilities to extend the life cycle. This will make the system more missions critical due to extended capabilities for uses such as border security, drug interdiction and security patrols.

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