Superfast Toy Car Wltoys A959

How about gifting a superfast toy car to your kid on his birthday? If you are in two minds whether to gift such a car or not, let us inform you that such a gift can be a real boon to him, especially from the learning aspect of your kid. Your kid will learn things fast becoming agiler both mentally and physically than before. After all, a fast car such as the Wltoys A959 is widely acknowledged as a sturdy car with a host of features required to develop the habit of multitasking and the brain development of your kid. They present a list of features of this WLtoys Car for your perusal.

  • Waterproof car: It is a waterproof car and thus, you will find this to be a great relief for your kid since such a fast toy car can inadvertently get over the water either at home or in outdoor. As such, this particular aspect of this car protects it from a short circuit in its control panel that supplies power to the motor.    
  • Formidable car: With a dimension of 245x175x94cm and a sturdy body, Wltoys A959 is recognised as one of the most formidable toy cars in the market. Because of its solid frame and a standard body, your kid will value his possession.   
  • High-speed car: You will be happy to know that it has a motor 390 (X-code). It means this car is designed to excel on the surface be it at home or in outdoor.                       

  • Strong remote control: It is another attractive feature of this car. The remote of this car is very powerful and your kid will be able to operate it from a distance of more than 100m. This, in other words, construes that hitting himself with this car is less likely to happen in the case of your kid while he enjoys playing indoor or in the outdoor.
  • Stable car: The wheelbase of this car is 165cm that helps it to maintain a good balance on its four wheels. The diameter of each wheel is 61mm and the car weighs around 1.7KG. Besides, four wheels of this car have 4 independent suspensions. All these put together indicates that it’s a very good stable car.  
  • Powerful battery: With a 7.4V1100mAh car battery and 4xAA remote batteries, it is a power pack car that runs about 10min at a stretch.

To top it all, it’s a pocket friendly car. Having said that, they mean, given the list of features of this car and its wide popularity among the kids of all age group, the price of this car is truly affordable anywhere between $50-$60 based on your location. Your kid will love to play with it even in outdoor for sure.

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