Have Smartphone’s Made The iPod Redundant?

When the iPod was first released in 2001 it was a revolutionary media device that reshaped the way consumers could listen to music on the go. As well as being a music player, this multimedia system also served as an external storage device and was an essential tool for tech-savvy.

Fast forward to 2016 and it seems like the iPod is quickly becoming an obsolete device, with modern Smartphone’s offering ever increasing storage capacity and multimedia features.

Fast-moving technological advances

If anyone can be blamed for the potential demise of the iPod, it could actually be Apple itself. The giant leaps in technology that have been made over the last few years have been pioneered largely by Apple and with their flagship product, the iPhone, they are constantly updating and releasing new technology that is faster and more efficient than ever. The fact that their phone can now do everything a user needs it to, along with playing music, means there is little point in carrying around two separate devices (MP3 player and a phone).

The iPod is hardly a unique device and Smartphone’s and tablets are now able to do so much more than they were a few years back. While retailers are still selling the iPod Touch, this is mainly because they offer a multi-functional system, similar to the iPhone – the only missing aspect being the inability to make phone calls from smartphone.

Storage has also always been a big factor for consumers when purchasing mobile devices, and it seems that now that Smartphone’s’ and tablets’ storage capacity has the potential to overshadow an iPod’s, meaning they will quickly become the preferred choice for those looking to bring their music collection along with them wherever they go.

All-in-one media devices

An iPod was first and foremost a mobile music device and it was a revolutionary product in its heyday. Before it was the portable CD player or Discman – hardly a practical choice. iPods revolutionised the way people listened to music and they became the hottest accessory for anyone who commuted, jogged, went to the gym or simply wanted to listen to tunes on the move.

However, as most mobile phones can now play music, having a separate device that has only one main function (playing music) has become completely unnecessary. Consumers can now instead purchase multimedia devices (such as the iPhone) that allow them to do everything from listening to music to surfing the web, and the demand for a single function device is waning quickly.

Apple was one of the forerunners of the Smartphone industry and the iPhone has gone a long way to making the iPod a redundant device. It does, of course, have its uses and it’s not a completely obsolete item — just one that seems to have been overtaken by other portable devices that offer so much more.

It’s not just the iPod that is seemingly becoming redundant, as console manufacturers and game developers have had to move with the times and create technology that is multi-functional and portable. They have also had to adapt to the mobile market and change games and accessories to ensure that they can keep up with a constantly growing tech industry that focuses on updating and improving at a rapid pace.

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